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Welcome to my new Homepage

Hello and welcome to my new homepage!

I'm James Haslam, and I'm from Waltham Cross, in the county of Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom. Waltham Cross is just to the north of London, where I grew up in the Borough of Enfield.

This website was started in November 2009 and will be used to contain links to my various interests on the web. The website will replace my current homepage eventually, as that is now well out of date. It's still worth looking at though, especially for the Atari computer content.

Twitter Updates

Here are my latest tweets. I don't tweet very often at the moment. My main use for Twitter is to serve up the Band's Website News. The advantage of this is that people can easily subscribe to this using both Twitter and it's RSS feeds.

My Latest Uploads to Flickr

Here are the latest uploads to my Flickr account. I use Flickr to store photos for the band website, personal photos, and to store images for linking on online forums.

Enfield District Scout Band

This is a link to the Enfield District Scout Band website.

The band is a traditional style corps of drums, playing bugles, from Enfield in North London.

I am the Webmaster for the band, and I play the bass drum.